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The main theme of this show is dance and movement. It’s a hybrid between visuals and lights show with both elements emulating a dancer´s choreography.

We programmed the fixtures in such way that their motion is disrupted, breaking out of formation into a deconstructed array and back. The moving heads themselves look like they develop a life of their own and take part in the performance. Very intense strobing and blinding and heavy fog is an essential part of the performance echoing the intensity of Jlins production, forcing the crowd to close their eyes and be right there in the moment with only the music and your body.

The visual content is developed in collaboration with the contortionist dancer Andrei Panin.

Wearing a suit vested with reflective material, made by the fashion designer Emrah Polyvka, light bounces off him on a screen translating his movement into light.

Selected Shows


Unsound, Krakow
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
Lunchmeat Festival, Prague
Sydney Festival, Sydney
MONA FOMA Festival, Hobart /w Lilian Steiner dance performance

Jetztmusik Festival, Mannheim
100 Jahre Beats, HKW, Berlin
Het Depot, Leuven
Max Richter´s Sound and Vision, Barbican Centre, London /w Lilian Steiner dance performance
Primavera Sound, Barcelona
Serralves em Festa, Porto
Heart of Noise, Innsbruck
Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Katowice
Concept and visual show developed in collaboration with MFO/ Marcel Weber
 Photos I Nova Musika – © Jadwiga Janowska